APIs in the Sandbox

About Vero API Sandbox Services

  • Sandbox API endpoints are limited mocks only.

  • Endpoints validate the given JSON query message and respond with static responses. Endpoint can have a tag that indicates that there is wider range of test data available > read more

  • Sandbox endpoints do not check all errors. The endpoints check mostly simple errors related to the message format, such as: too long strings, wrongly named field or wrong data type in field value. The endpoints cannot check, for example, errors related to the cross-dependence of fields, i.e.: "if field X is given, then field Y cannot be given". See Vero API testing for more elaborate testing of production APIs.

  • Some API documentation is visible only in the API schema. Object and array field descriptions and minimum and maximum rules for item counts are only visible in the API schema. Get the API definition file (schema) from the API page, for example, Open API 3 JSON. Also, the raw schema for an endpoint is shown after clicking the curly brackets icon {} .

  • Detailed testing of API services must be done in Vero API test environment which is accessible with test certificate. More details in Vero.fi: Vero API testing

  • Sandbox APIs have tags that indicate whether the API is in production or still in development > read more